A downloadable Game?


A short shmup/score attack game.

Lock on to enemies for massive score.

Fight your way through 15 waves.

Listen to some boppin' tunes.


Left = Turn left

Right = Turn right

Up = Accelerate

Down = Deccelerate

Z = Charge/Shoot

X = Insta-Brake


Galaxy9000 V4.zip 10 MB


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Frantic, fun, and very tough.  I like the music and the trippy checkerboard background, reminds me of primitive 3D.  I had some trouble with the controls, though - the acceleration is very high, so I tend to slide around a lot.

huh, thats very odd. Like it runs faster than 60 fps?

I think it might be my computer, the gif looks nice and calm but the game on my machine runs very fast (near instadeath at the start).